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Proud To Be An American

November 11, 2014

One of the likely unpaid contributors to parody site that doesn’t know it’s a parody Salon wrote an opinion about how soldiers are not heroes. Now, many soldiers would not call themselves heroes either, but the writer went on to call them potential rapists and perpetrators of other unfounded crimes. Unlike the Salon comments section, Twitter is democratized enough to give him an idea of what people really think and he bravely ran away. That right there differentiates him from soldiers.

The term public servant gets overused these days, considering that some politician who makes more than the average half-dozen regular citizens for working 4 days a week thinks they are a servant. Imagine if you had to pay a police officer or a soldier to do a job where they put their lives in danger but could also be severely punished for using deadly force on an attacker. Mercenaries are expensive and don’t have the best self-control. Our true public servants are the ones that work for the people and are part of the one job that doesn’t work under capitalism.

Most veterans either chose to serve or chose to accept their duty without fighting or disputing the call. Theirs was often a grim duty, doing things no one should have to do under conditions that are lonely and difficult. When a soldier is honored, it is for their service, not because they are better than we are. In fact, the fact that they come from average conditions is what makes their service extraordinary.

Soldiers, police, firefighters and others who put themselves in danger need to be upright and respectful citizens as well, but they are certainly no worse than the average American. On Veterans Day, we choose to respect and honor veterans, not deify them. That is what they deserve.


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