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The Puppet

November 5, 2014
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I think the concept thing to look at for this election and others since 2006 is what I would call a permanent governing majority. Even before this blog, I used to write about the fact that Republicans had been coasting on Contract with America promises for 12 years and their time ran up in 2006. In fact, it literally ran out, because part of the Contract was 12 year term limits. The voters took them up on it.

Bush was planning to fix tax policy and make America more like Texas when he won in 2000. Instead, because of a close vote, 9/11 and an economic collapse that started in early 2000, Bush had to expend his political capital and use his majority in Congress to fight the forces of evil. He lost his majority in the Senate for months until the election of 2002 and was bashed in the press for executive action that is encouraged under Obama. Bush won in 2004 because his opponent went after him for an economy that was improving and couldn’t gain any traction for a war that had just started. The GOP lost Congress in 2006 because of 6 Senate seats, less than the amount Republicans won last night.

The Democrats were having a different experience. Bill Clinton was the first Democrat to win a presidential election in 16 years and the first one to stay in office (even though he was almost impeached) for at least 8 years since FDR. The problem for many in the “activist” wing was that Clinton ran as a centrist, Christian, compromising Southern governor. He tread lightly on social issues and accepted Republican budgets that held the line on spending. Clinton was also concerned with his legacy, not pushing through an agenda that Americans generally resisted. Liberals got their Supreme Court appointments and certain legislation, but they seemed to consider Clinton a missed opportunity.

In 2000, Clinton was considered damaged goods and did not campaign often for Gore, especially since Clinton tended to overpower Beta Male Al Gore. Clinton’s Southern coalition was broken and Gore might have still won had he not ignored his home state of Tennessee. Democrats were angry and felt the election was stolen. In 2004, that pent-up rage (and what they believed was exploiting terrorism by Bush to gain Senate seats in 2002) led to a Soros-financed campaign where John Kerry was picked early, paired with a young guy to balance the ticket and sent out to complain about boiler plate economic issues. Kerry-Edwards lost legitimately this time and the Democratic party was fed up with democracy.

The party used 2006 to stoke hatred over the war, Bush’s economic plans and Katrina. That and a weak Republican hold over Congress helped to win it for Democrats. Their flaw was running moderate Democrats in Republican states. Bush held the line on the Iraq War and introduced a surge strategy that worked. Democrats decided they could not pull funding from the military to stop him.

This is where Barack Obama comes in. He was the star of 2004, having won a Senate seat in Illinois hastily vacated after his oppo team unsealed Jack Ryan’s divorce records. He was young, a minority, weirdly charismatic to liberals and dirty as a Chicago politician. He also had no record and a team of ad men helping him. The Democrats started to promote him, rolled out his presidential run slowly and got him in touch with Oprah. They finally exploited the Super Delegate system to pick him over Hillary Clinton and ran him as a centrist who wasn’t Bush. Obama wasn’t an Alpha male, but he was such a chameleon he was able to emulate one when needed.

Ultimately, Obama was chosen to be a puppet for the progressive establishment of the Democratic Party. He signed laws and budgets in his first two years that will feed the political machine for decades to come. The Democratic Congress, after running as moderates, were forced to vote for this agenda at the price of their careers. By 2012, the party had collected enough money to track every single person in America who ever registered as a Democrat. They got enough of them to come out and vote (early) to drag Obama past the finish line. Congress went along for the ride.

This is what the Republicans have to face in 2015. Barack Obama is not concerned about compromise or his legacy or even being liked by anyone but his lackeys. His is like a pro athlete. He wants to win and he will destroy himself in the process. Any fame is good in this society and Barack Obama will retire wealthy and beloved by his puppet masters. He cannot be reformed, only defeated.


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