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Sock it to Them

November 2, 2014
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One of the least mentioned parts of the Obama era is how Democrats and Republicans worked to undermine the effect of the Tea Party. It began with Republicans trying to co-opt the Tea Party with conservative sounding groups that mostly supported the status quo. There were Republicans who lost primaries to Tea Party candidates who were then seduced into supporting Democrats instead.

By 2012, the Tea Party had lost traction. The groups that weren’t absorbed into front groups like Freedomworks were stymied by the IRS. The Republicans in Congress may or may not have known about it, but they certainly didn’t care. Almost no Republican who wasn’t Tea Party aligned ran, but it also led to Mitt Romney being able to run unopposed from the center left. Unfortunately, the Right left and Romney was left with an empty center.

Tea Party is not so much of a brand anymore as it is a political stance. This is good, because there are Republicans running now who would have had to call themselves part of the Tea Party and face the wrath of the GOP. The Democrats already had their major conflict after liberals and Ralph Nader “lost” the election in 2000. They decided to lie to America and buy off the constituencies they needed. This also included starving the groups that had honest disagreements. We’ll see how well that goes in 2016.


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