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Keep Calm and Vote On

November 1, 2014
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Sadly, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for massive change, even if the Republicans win every close Senate race and every Governor’s election. It would take 60 Republicans to stop a filibuster and 67 to override a veto. The Republicans can approve a Supreme Court Justice with 51 Senate seats, but they can only choose from the socialists Obama chooses.

The good news is that Republicans are at least getting smarter about electoral politics. After 2008 (or even after 2010) I thought Republicans should make voting integrity their first priority. Another losing presidential election later, and they are working state by state to do just that. The latest tricks to increase Democrat voter turnout are not proving themselves in the midterms. Republicans have an advantage in absentee and early voting. They historically have an advantage on Election Day. It may not hold in 2016, but the trend is toward the GOP being able to get out the vote as well.

Only weeks before the first Tea Party rallies, the media predicted the death of the Republican Party. While it still has issues with messaging and what they will actually do while in office, they are just as popular a brand as the Democrats, only not as stale and predictable.


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