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It’s Not Friday Yet?

October 30, 2014
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So, that thing I wrote about hating my job? Still in effect.

More than the job, (which actually has some interesting parts to it) I’ve grown to hate the company I work for. I think this is where the appeal of socialism (from Democrats and from Republicans 100 years ago) comes from. It’s not about distributing things equitably, it comes from a place of hatred and sadness. It’s even worse now because we have a big government country where people have to scrape out a living on capitalist employment.

As I’ve noted before, everyone has a hand in it. The “corporations” let all people be ruined by onerous regulations as long as they were able to bribe their way to safety. Now that conservatives in the Republican Party want to fight government tyranny, capitalists have decided they like federal corruption and are supporting Democrats. It seems very much to be the allure of evil. Since the beginning for the Republican Party, Democrats have ultimately sided with evil. Supporting slavery, opposing women voting, supporting Hitler, supporting “Separate but equal,” supporting a nanny state and creating a digital police state are the hallmarks of the Democrats.

For the love of God, people need to stop voting for them.


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