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Good People Did Nothing

October 29, 2014
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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke

It seems I am embarking on my anti-conspiracy crusade about what’s wrong with the world. I don’t like these conspiracies because they promote the same class warfare that fascists use to rile up the proletariat. I think there are key drivers in society who use their power and influence first and like-minded people will follow suit. There are conspirators to be sure, but I do not accept that my liberty has been taken from me by a few men with political and economic power.

Unfortunately, that leaves me in the position of knowing that people who believe (most of) what I do have led to this moment. Culture is in a constant state of flux where we compare our moral beliefs with the forward progress of the human condition. If you try to keep the culture in the same state, you end up like the Muslim world, where liberty is sacrificed for a series of archaic codes written by a war mongering pedophile.

In just the last decade, we have gone from denying civil unions between gay couples to forcing chapels and photographers and wedding cake bakers to subvert their beliefs to provide a product that people could get in any number of other places. Much of the laws in that case were created not by elected legislators, but through court action. Those courts were populated by judges appointed by morally bankrupt presidents like Bill Clinton. That’s why his sexual immorality matters.

The good news is that our collective reticence can be reversed. The longer we wait, however, the longer it will take. I don’t actually have much more hope, but I know there is hope. It begins with all of us.



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