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October 27, 2014
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For about two months now, a small war has been waged between different sets of video game enthusiasts. It seems that online gaming reviewers have been accused for a while of being too cozy with game designers and gaming companies. Also, gaming and non-gaming publications have been giving extra coverage to “Social Justice Warriors” in gaming. This is not unlike the MSM who seem to worship at the altar of equal representation in areas that are not equally populated. In this case, the SJWs are trying to change gaming with the claim of adding more diverse characters, but really wanting to get free money to design unpopular games for liberal feminists.

GamerGate itself began with the scandal of a female game designer who slept with a reporter / reviewer for a gaming website. No review was published, but it highlighted the practice of SJWs in gaming to make friends with the media rather than other gamers. Think about the Washington Correspondents Dinner, the “nerd prom” where reporters get to ask celebrities to dinner. Apparently, some of these financially unsuccessful makers of empowerment games are registered on sites that allow patrons to cover their expensive just to be creative. Some of them are reporters for gaming magazines. One site in owned by Vox, another by Gawker.

GamerGate was the hashtag for a real scandal, but the liberal gaming media learned from the mother ship that scandal had to be spun as not important and focus on the commenters on Twitter and 4Chan and other sites who went a bit too far. This led to a proclamation in August that the stereotypical gamer may be “dead” and that there is a great big world of people who play games.

So why is a stupid video game flame war important? It is a microcosm for the media and how it vilifies those seeking reality. GamerGate is the Tea Party of gaming. They are not all right or left. They just want websites that review games they want to play without playing games with the truth. A person who buys Angry Birds for $0.99 is not a gamer. The guy (or less likely, girl) who spends $1,500 on a top performing computer is a gamer. They have the money and they drive the advertising. Intel, for example, is listening. They have pulled ad money from sites hostile to what gaming is supposed to be. I also wonder if this can’t change a few minds of young people who had the default setting of liberal before the “social justice warrior” clued them in to what liberalism really is.


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