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I Hope He Fails Quickly

October 24, 2014

Rush Limbaugh has been a target of Democrats since Barack Obama was elected. It’s part of an insidious strategy for the other side. Find out who the people with perspectives and ideas are, mock them personally to disqualify their ideas and try to remove them from the media landscape. When Barry Goldwater was attacked in 1964, he was portrayed as crazy for wanting to use overwhelming force to blow up Vietnam. By 2008, Sarah Palin was slapped with every bimbo stereotype possible because she was the one, unlike John McCain, who had a consistently different set of beliefs than Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh was the target of a selective boycott, mostly to raise the profile of Sandra Fluke, who had to give up a run for Congress before it started this year due to lack of interest by the general public. I call it selective because the people organizing it did not dislike the products. They didn’t even buy the products. They didn’t even want to boycott the products. They simply berated the companies on social media (usually with fake accounts) to not only stop advertising with Limbaugh, but to swear a loyalty oath to that effect. The boycott attempt failed due to the fact that Limbaugh has a business model that resists such terrorism. One of Rush’s original sponsors, Sleep Train, was not invited back after they hastily boycotted Rush and badmouthed him in a statement. Sleep Train was bought out by another mattress seller this week.

Perhaps most famously in this administration, Limbaugh made the often misinterpreted statement that “I hope he fails” in relation to Barack Obama. In many ways, Obama has succeeded in his goals. I wish he failed. Of the many problems burning out of control, the White House has decided that Ebola is the one they can handle and look good on. The strategy is political, use some old “you can’t catch it from a toilet seat” slogans from the AIDS epidemic (which still rages in Africa) and hoping that Ebola doesn’t spread as much in a country where personal space is 18 inches and no one touches a dead body.

So, I don’t hope the country fails. I don’t want us all to get Ebola just to be right. I do, however, prefer that if things are going to go wrong, they do so before the election. In 2012, the administration (and Candy Crowley) were able to keep the details of Benghazi from the light of day until after the election. Obamacare was pushed off until 2013. All the shit hit the fan right after the election and if more is going to drop, I would prefer it was in the next week so that Republicans can win some damn races and block the last two years of the agenda from the worst president in history. Obama’s ideas have already failed. It’s time for the rest to follow.


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