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The Sickest City in the World

October 23, 2014
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A doctor in New York City was under self-quarantine (we don’t know if the city health department knew about this) for Ebola and decided that a trip on the Metro and a night bowling fell within those guidelines. Now he has a 103 fever and confirmed with Ebola, which means he’s got a good chance of dying now.

Again, the R0 of Ebola is 2, compared to 3 for Influenza. Now, Thomas Eric Duncan infected his two people. The nurses he infected may not have spread it. However, this medical “professional” may have brought us right back to the 2 infected per carrier average.

Self-quarantine is a farce used to shut off valid criticism. If no one is sick, self-quarantine works, even if the patient decides to make out with a dozen people at a rave. If someone is infected, however, it becomes a license to kill. Remember Nancy Snyderman, a doctor working for NBC who was exposed to Ebola? She decided to grab some take-out while on self-imposed quarantine.

Quarantine cannot be self-imposed. You can’t even rely on self-imposed grounding and the stakes are a hell of a lot smaller. I may just start spraying everyone I meet with Clorox.


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