Days of Change


October 22, 2014
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The common house fly is a disgusting insect that eats garbage and feces and regularly deposits its own microscopic waste all over. The most annoying thing about them, however, is when they seem to target you and land on you where you can feel their presence or hear their buzzing. Their droppings in your FDA-accepted food products is much more of a health concern, but we have sticky paper and bug “lights” to reduce their numbers. There’s even the fly swatter, a stick with a large flexible surface to crush and murder them for no particularly strong danger to us.

This may sound like a PETA essay, but it seems to mirror the Western world’s opinion about Islamic areas of the world. For centuries, Muslims were the bête noire of Europe and other parts of the world. They were eventually subjugated by more civilized nations but eventually regained power and influence, especially with the invention of oil-powered machines.

The modern world seems to both feel guilt about and underestimate the threat of the Muslim world. We accept that not all Muslims are terrorists, but a “Christian” terrorists is labeled as such because he went to a church, even if he didn’t use God as an excuse to kill. More and more, I also think that many in the international community consider fighting terrorism like swatting flies. It seems that it is unworthy to waste time taking out a threat that doesn’t affect us very much compared to say, the Weather Gods of Global Warming. Even if it is swatting flies, I think we need to swat them. We should also S.W.A.T. them. Flypaper and bug lights seem like overkill, but they reduce the insect population in your home and in your food. A beaten down enemy is the next best thing to a beaten enemy.


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