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The Scourge of Fox News

October 19, 2014
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I’ve been posting on one blog today that referenced another blog. This person was waiting for the day when so-called “a la carte” cable channel selection could end the need to subsidize Fox News. I am an opponent of this kind of programming, simply because the people who sell their cable content and the media companies that deliver it to consumers do not want to do it. The conclusion is that the only way to give consumers a choice is for the government to┬áregulate another business. Twenty years ago, Congress passed a law “regulating” cable bill prices. That was about the time cable bills started exploding by creating these packages.

The government is insidious. Politicians make people think they want something only lawmaking can provide. Then they convince people to give them money and do campaign work to get them into office. In many cases, they turn around and explain to their constituents how they would love to do the thing they promised to do, but the other guy is stopping them, somehow. Now if they could just work harder for the politician, maybe it will happen someday. This, by the way, is essentially the plot of Animal Farm.

Ironically, if this did happen, only the most watched stations would make the cut. Chances are that MSNBC would be out and Fox News (which is in the top 10 of most watched cable channels) would have a permanent place on most people’s lineups.


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