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No Comparison

October 17, 2014
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Partisan people aligned to one side or another tend to frame information to fit their worldview. My argument is probably also framing things to my worldview, but the reason I don’t trust “the media” is due to evidence to the contrary. It has been 10 years since the Bush memo story and the CBS cover up, but Hollywood is still planning to tell the “real” story, meaning the one that fits their worldview that George W. Bush was high on cocaine during the 60s and couldn’t pass a physical for the National Guard and that Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were crusaders duped by one lone crackpot who was overzealous in his righteous plan to take down Bush.

Given that, I think it’s time to declare Bush bashing pointless. I understand that Democrats and liberals who didn’t like Obama had no philosophical path to opposing him except by comparing Obama to Bush. I had to let it slide, knowing that PUMA Democrats had to make their way to voting for McCain. Sites like Hillary is 44 still have the morph of Bush to Obama pictures. Obama may not have pulled out of Iraq immediately, but he did eventually. Iraq today would have happened 4 years earlier if liberals got what they wanted. Bush had created a way forward in 2006 after Republicans lost the Congress. If Democrats lose Congress, will Obama change anything?

Everything from the BP spill to Ebola has been labeled Obama’s Katrina. Bush’s Katrina went out of control for a few weeks, mostly due to the inability of Louisiana to properly prepare or take the necessary steps to get help from the federal government. When Bush stepped in, we were introduced to General Russell Honore, the no-nonsense commander who got shit done. President Obama just picked an Ebola Czar whose experience is in running the “war room” for losing candidates. He knows how to get shit spun. His goal will be to discretely bury the bodies of Ebola victims until after the election.

Obama even owns this crummy economy, after taking credit for at least 3 recovers that lasted for only a month or two at a time. He may be cozy with big business like Bush, but Bush believed in capitalism (sans TARP). Obama just believes in getting money from rich people AND TARP. The only reason job losses aren’t worse is that just about every job that could be lost in this economy has been already. Still, Obamacare may squeeze some more out. Ironically, people bitched about Bush’s Medicare Part D, which costs a lot less and ultimately saved the government money.

At this point, if you equate Obama to Bush, you’re just trying to make Obama look better.


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