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Everyone Has Ebola | October 15, 2014

Low information progressives are using the straw man argument that conservatives think everyone is going to catch Ebola and die. Ebola is not easy or hard to catch. It’s hard to catch after a victim’s initial exposure and easy to catch as they spew virus laden fluid all over the place before death. Just a little Ebola goes a long way and once contracted, you are more likely to die than live. Even the good estimates in Africa have 50% survival rates and they are going down.

Since the CDC chose to comfort people rather than inform them, the possibility of having Ebola is starting to scare people. The second American victim who contracted Ebola in this country, took an airplane before a positive diagnosis. Her family was with her and three of them worked at Kent State. So now, much of Texas and Ohio have only a few degrees of separation from a plague victim. What’s worse is that she called the CDC when she had a fever and was told it was just the flu. That means treatment was delayed and she has a better chance of dying than the first US victim who got treatment earlier.

Since there is no vaccine, the government will have to focus on a quick test for Ebola because an ever-increasing number of Americans have been exposed enough to demand the certainty of a test instead of a wait and see quarantine that many people are already violating. An ER that has to worry about people coming in, zombie like, to be tested will overwhelm their resources and put all the people in the hospital at risk.

And that’s just assuming no one else actually GETS Ebola.


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  1. How coincidental that obamacare has disrupted America’s health care system just in time for ebola to arrive on our shores: NOT.

    Comment by Mary — October 15, 2014 @ 11:25 pm

  2. 15, your observation at mcnorman’s blog about Ohio-Kent-State-Thansgiving vacation froze me to the bone.


    Comment by Mary — October 15, 2014 @ 11:29 pm

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