Days of Change


October 14, 2014

This week’s media sing-a-long is about the fact that there is no voter fraud. There are links to different people, all of whom are against voter ID laws, claiming that there are no more than a few dozen incidents of proven voter fraud. They dispute the validity of felons and non-residents voting as mistakes rather than fraud and use a counter argument that absentee ballot fraud is more likely. Yeah, and 3 years ago people didn’t know that the NSA was looking at everything they did.

People who commit voter fraud are not going to make it clear they are doing it. It’s illegal. It’s also pretty easy. A secret ballot by definition hides information about any particular voter. As a part of the general population, the number of individuals who willfully weaponize their votes is small. Is that, however, the point of voter ID laws?

Ever since motor voter, Democrats have decided that creating multiple avenues for voter registration is good for their election results. Is this because the general population is more liberal? Not exactly. Polls don’t show a huge advantage for Democrats in opinions. The secret is the ease of bus travel.

Registration by DMV, by clipboard and by data mining got even slightly interested parties in a position to vote. This meant that Democrats could take a bus through dense cities (Democrat population percentages go up with population density) and drop dozens of voters off at the polls. The problem is that only so many buses can run in a nine-hour period. The next step was creating pre-voting where the buses could run for days and people who didn’t vote could be hounded for weeks to go vote.

The culmination of voting manipulation was in what I call insta-voting, otherwise known as same-day registration. People could register and vote on the same day. In theory, this would be like an absentee ballot. The person fills out a ballot, puts it in an envelope with their name an address on the front and the vote is counted when their registration is verified. That didn’t happen. Most same-day votes were thrown in with regular ballot, so that false registrations (registration fraud) would not stop someone from voting. This means that while voters are not committing so much voter fraud, Democrats are stacking teh deck in their favor.

If you still think Democrats want all votes to count and Republicans don’t, ask about the thousands of military ballots that are still not sent out on time, mysteriously lost or not accepted. The military votes disproportionately Republican. It’s just a coincidence, I guess.



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