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October 13, 2014

There has been something of an outbreak over the CDC explaining a nurse contracting Ebola as a break in protocol. If it were something as bad as leaving off a glove, it would be her and the hospital’s fault. However, if it were a case of a protective outfit covered in blood and the process of removing it transferred the virus, then there is a problem with the protocols themselves. For a look at how the government treats Ebola, check out this scene from the 1996 movie Outbreak. Ebola is Level 4.

The CDC is trying to sell the public on the idea that a plastic suit and a respirator (the Bio-hazard Level 3 stuff) can keep a health care worker from contracting Ebola. The people who wear the space suits in government labs are working with a few cells with Ebola at a time in a room with negative pressure (air constantly sucked out of the room). Nurses are potentially getting puked on with the most contagious biological residue on earth. They should be wearing those chemical suits the people at Firestone used and have it sprayed down with hot bleach before they even try to change out of them.

This isn’t a break in protocol, this is a lack of protocol.


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