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Nobel Penance

October 10, 2014
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Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, which is a suspension of nitroglycerin that is extremely safe to transport and use. That invention saved many lives of people who might have had to work with pure nitroglycerin. It also aided in the construction of modern cities. However, when his brother died, a French newspaper inadvertently published a scathing obituary of Alfred Nobel for making an explosive that could be used to kill people. Nobel responded as any elite in the late nineteenth century would have, by feeling guilty and throwing money at the kind of pacifists who just insulted him. Thus, the Nobel Prize was born.

In happier news, a Peace Prize was awarded to┬áMalala Yousafza, a girl who fought to go to school in opposition to Sharia Law and was attacked by terrorists and nearly killed. This means that not only has the committee finally chosen to highlight the evil of Sharia law and the Muslims who would “defend” it, but they also chose women’s rights over (Islamic) religious autonomy for once.

I have to wonder if this may be due to guilt over the award given to Barack Obama. He was nominated before serving one day in the Oval Office and has proved in the last six years to promote capitulation as peace and apathy as diplomacy. The world is a more dangerous and less peaceful place because of Obama. The world of Malala Yousafza is worth fighting for.


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