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Capitalism Saves Lives

October 7, 2014
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About a decade ago, Hurricane Katrina killed 1,000 people and was a national story of crisis and failure. In other, poor countries, 1,000 deaths in a storm is considered lucky. Even in NOLA, the people who died lived in a flood plain where people really weren’t supposed to live. Obviously, rich people are better protected from the world, but the displaced people from the area who moved to places like Texas found a better life because of the better opportunities. Even a little more money gets you a better home in a safer area.

So, there a success story about the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. Firestone tires used isolation methods, HAZMAT suits (which are better barriers) and methodical action to stop an outbreak from the wife of an employee at the campus who became infected. She was the only one who died and the only ones still infected are from neighboring areas looking for treatment. Firestone used equipment they had, along with information on the internet, to do what either the Liberian or American government has been able to do in the country.

The NPR story credits Firestone’s financial resources. The American Thinker credits Firestone with using the tools of many modern businesses. Most companies have emphasized problem identification and solving methods to improve their processes and save money. In this case, they read about how an outbreak should be addressed, figured out how they could do it and did it. In other places, workers overextended themselves, got overwhelmed, failed to follow processes and got sick themselves. In most cases, the international community will ask for more money to solve the problem. Even if that’s true, capitalism saves lives.


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