Days of Change

President Obola

October 2, 2014

Note: I totally stole the name “Obola.”

Dallas is basically a hot zone now. Because of the Obama loving media, we may have a hard time learning what happened in the days leading up to the unidentified Liberian illegal being hospitalized with Ebola. There are already conflicting reports. Some say the hospital did not take precautions the first time the man came in and said he traveled from Liberia. Others are saying that he did not offer that fact and only hinted at traveling from Liberia and not being a US citizen because he might get in legal trouble. His girlfriend has been quarantined in her home, but called CNN. She claims he never vomited, but there are pictures of vomit being cleaned up outside the building. The government is being tight-lipped on the details because they don’t want a panic, but they could also exacerbate an outbreak.

This Ebola outbreak is no different from one in darkest Africa. One person gets it somehow and spreads it by being in the community. If we are very lucky, our tendency toward isolation and superior medical efforts will lead to few or no fatalities. Our hubris led to bringing infected people to the United States only a few weeks ago, swearing Ebola would not come here.

Obama is out fundraising. He’s gonna need it because all the favorite liberal policies in place for the last 6 years have come home to roost a month before Election Day.


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