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Falling to Earth

October 31, 2014
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Private space travel has experienced a terrible tragedy.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo crashed this afternoon in the Mojave Desert. The craft and it’s launch vehicle, WhiteKnightTwo have had dozens of test flights. There some speculation that a new fuel mixture, tested on the ground, was starting tested on the craft itself before the crash.

Now that the mundane concerns of budget and Muslim “outreach” have grounded NASA, private space travel may be the next frontier. In some ways, they will be going back to the drawing board. The first commercial flights will be at about 62 miles above the Earth’s surface, at the border to what we consider outside Earth’s atmosphere. These craft will launch, orbit briefly and land. Any Earth movement will be incidental, as the craft would probably have to touch down in a different location than it launched. The current draw of these craft is that you can brag about being “in space” at a 6 figure cost.

Of all the things government shouldn’t be involved in, I’m always a sucker for Washington spending billions on the space program. Sometimes a sugar daddy is needed for such a massive endeavor. I hope private space travel succeeds, however, knowing how truly terrible the government is becoming at doing anything right.

Richard Branson, who is effectively bankrolling this project, is right when he says, “Space is hard – but worth it. We will persevere and move forward together”


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It’s Not Friday Yet?

October 30, 2014
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So, that thing I wrote about hating my job? Still in effect.

More than the job, (which actually has some interesting parts to it) I’ve grown to hate the company I work for. I think this is where the appeal of socialism (from Democrats and from Republicans 100 years ago) comes from. It’s not about distributing things equitably, it comes from a place of hatred and sadness. It’s even worse now because we have a big government country where people have to scrape out a living on capitalist employment.

As I’ve noted before, everyone has a hand in it. The “corporations” let all people be ruined by onerous regulations as long as they were able to bribe their way to safety. Now that conservatives in the Republican Party want to fight government tyranny, capitalists have decided they like federal corruption and are supporting Democrats. It seems very much to be the allure of evil. Since the beginning for the Republican Party, Democrats have ultimately sided with evil. Supporting slavery, opposing women voting, supporting Hitler, supporting “Separate but equal,” supporting a nanny state and creating a digital police state are the hallmarks of the Democrats.

For the love of God, people need to stop voting for them.

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Good People Did Nothing

October 29, 2014
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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke

It seems I am embarking on my anti-conspiracy crusade about what’s wrong with the world. I don’t like these conspiracies because they promote the same class warfare that fascists use to rile up the proletariat. I think there are key drivers in society who use their power and influence first and like-minded people will follow suit. There are conspirators to be sure, but I do not accept that my liberty has been taken from me by a few men with political and economic power.

Unfortunately, that leaves me in the position of knowing that people who believe (most of) what I do have led to this moment. Culture is in a constant state of flux where we compare our moral beliefs with the forward progress of the human condition. If you try to keep the culture in the same state, you end up like the Muslim world, where liberty is sacrificed for a series of archaic codes written by a war mongering pedophile.

In just the last decade, we have gone from denying civil unions between gay couples to forcing chapels and photographers and wedding cake bakers to subvert their beliefs to provide a product that people could get in any number of other places. Much of the laws in that case were created not by elected legislators, but through court action. Those courts were populated by judges appointed by morally bankrupt presidents like Bill Clinton. That’s why his sexual immorality matters.

The good news is that our collective reticence can be reversed. The longer we wait, however, the longer it will take. I don’t actually have much more hope, but I know there is hope. It begins with all of us.


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October 28, 2014
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The traditional definition of conspiracy is when more than one person coordinate efforts to do something bad without letting others know. A “global conspiracy” is a contradiction in terms because it throws the concept of secrecy out the window. When the numbers are large enough with enough collective influence, groupthink is a play. Groupthink as a condition was explored first in the 70’s, although you can see the use of it in George Orwell’s 1984 and find an example of it from history. The Salem Witch Trials come to mind for me.

When Sharyl Attkisson was blocked by her bosses at CBS and hacked by the federal government, they didn’t have meetings coordinating these actions. They had an inherent sense of what was “good” for their world view and Attkisson’s reporting wasn’t it. Groupthink is much more dangerous than a conspiracy because the perpetrators lose their sense of right and wrong.

The pieces were in place for some time, but I think the trigger for this amoral ideology started in the year 2000. Democrats lost the presidential election to a man who was not considered a serious contender, did not have a great campaign and ran on his faith which the Democrats tried to destroy just days before the election. Aside from the intellectual sting, one factor that hurt them was the split between Democrats and the Green Party, which took votes from Al Gore. The pain turned to anger as they decided that the election was stolen because the media tried, and failed, to call the election for Gore and the votes in Florida had to be counted in a state where George W. Bush’s brother was governor.

Democrats, leftists and liberals fell into a spiral where they felt that Republicans were cheating to succeed and therefore cheating and lying was morally justified. Every action since that election can be seen through that prism. Commit election fraud? Blame Republicans for hacking voting machines first. Elect a half-wit community organizer who condones violating every personal liberty of Americans? Justify that his existence allows some of your agenda to succeed. Besides, if you’re in a position of power, there are economic perks for going with the Obama agenda. Justify that you deserve it because you are on the “right” side.

This is the trap that almost destroyed Attkisson. Her pursuit of a story became increasingly focused on Obama because his White House was increasingly in the wrong. Instead of ignoring it, her employer and the White House saw her as being in the wrong and decided to protect their ideology at the expense of traditional ethics. After seeing what happened to Attkisson, other reporters won’t have to be threatened. They have their own groupthink of knowing what happens when you mess with the group.

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October 27, 2014
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For about two months now, a small war has been waged between different sets of video game enthusiasts. It seems that online gaming reviewers have been accused for a while of being too cozy with game designers and gaming companies. Also, gaming and non-gaming publications have been giving extra coverage to “Social Justice Warriors” in gaming. This is not unlike the MSM who seem to worship at the altar of equal representation in areas that are not equally populated. In this case, the SJWs are trying to change gaming with the claim of adding more diverse characters, but really wanting to get free money to design unpopular games for liberal feminists.

GamerGate itself began with the scandal of a female game designer who slept with a reporter / reviewer for a gaming website. No review was published, but it highlighted the practice of SJWs in gaming to make friends with the media rather than other gamers. Think about the Washington Correspondents Dinner, the “nerd prom” where reporters get to ask celebrities to dinner. Apparently, some of these financially unsuccessful makers of empowerment games are registered on sites that allow patrons to cover their expensive just to be creative. Some of them are reporters for gaming magazines. One site in owned by Vox, another by Gawker.

GamerGate was the hashtag for a real scandal, but the liberal gaming media learned from the mother ship that scandal had to be spun as not important and focus on the commenters on Twitter and 4Chan and other sites who went a bit too far. This led to a proclamation in August that the stereotypical gamer may be “dead” and that there is a great big world of people who play games.

So why is a stupid video game flame war important? It is a microcosm for the media and how it vilifies those seeking reality. GamerGate is the Tea Party of gaming. They are not all right or left. They just want websites that review games they want to play without playing games with the truth. A person who buys Angry Birds for $0.99 is not a gamer. The guy (or less likely, girl) who spends $1,500 on a top performing computer is a gamer. They have the money and they drive the advertising. Intel, for example, is listening. They have pulled ad money from sites hostile to what gaming is supposed to be. I also wonder if this can’t change a few minds of young people who had the default setting of liberal before the “social justice warrior” clued them in to what liberalism really is.

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Life is Easy and You Never Die

October 26, 2014
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A hundred years ago, it was not uncommon to have a child die before adulthood. A few generations ago, two out of six in my family were part of that reality. Then something amazing happened in this country and others. Some liberals complain about industrialization and chemicals and corporations, but that modern age changed the course of human life. People rarely die from bad food or viruses. Antibiotics allow us to survive injury and illness. The tragedies that befell most people now happen to other people for the most part.

There is still war, but not at the same scale. In the Civil War, 600,000 Americans dies, about 2% of the total population. In Vietnam, 60,000 Americans died. In the Iraq War, the death toll is 4,500 in an all-volunteer military. We define danger by risky behavior. Someone has a compromised immune system, they don’t take care of themselves, they live in a bad neighborhood, they sign up to fight. Death coming and snatching someone up is not something we think about anymore.

Ebola is starting to crack that veneer of invulnerability. For the sake of crowd control, the government is providing a wish-based best case scenario for Ebola. Some poor soul walks into a hospital, the staff gowns up and whisks them off to a private room. The patient gets an IV and some TLC and in a few weeks they are on the mend. The first case didn’t go like that. It was more like explosive diarrhea, swarms of police, shut down hospitals and two health care workers who contracted the disease.

This week, we learned that a doctor was self-quarantined decided to self-diagnose and go around New York City before he spiked a 103 degree fever the next day. He has Ebola and has a halfway decent chance of being dead next week. He was treating patients in darkest Africa, where they still can’t seem to get universal precautions right.

One of the reasons people don’t care is because they think they are immortal. A deadly epidemic like Ebola in their midst may change that. If it does, their world will change, too. After 9/11, a lot of liberal attitudes were realigned. If the same thing happens now, Democrats are the ones who are going to be sick.

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Hot Time on Saturday Night

October 25, 2014
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I’m trying my hand at baking, so I’m a little short on content today. It’s kind of ironic, since The Crawdad Hole probably sent some new readers my way tonight.

Hey, sometimes this is what you get.

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I Hope He Fails Quickly

October 24, 2014

Rush Limbaugh has been a target of Democrats since Barack Obama was elected. It’s part of an insidious strategy for the other side. Find out who the people with perspectives and ideas are, mock them personally to disqualify their ideas and try to remove them from the media landscape. When Barry Goldwater was attacked in 1964, he was portrayed as crazy for wanting to use overwhelming force to blow up Vietnam. By 2008, Sarah Palin was slapped with every bimbo stereotype possible because she was the one, unlike John McCain, who had a consistently different set of beliefs than Barack Obama.

Rush Limbaugh was the target of a selective boycott, mostly to raise the profile of Sandra Fluke, who had to give up a run for Congress before it started this year due to lack of interest by the general public. I call it selective because the people organizing it did not dislike the products. They didn’t even buy the products. They didn’t even want to boycott the products. They simply berated the companies on social media (usually with fake accounts) to not only stop advertising with Limbaugh, but to swear a loyalty oath to that effect. The boycott attempt failed due to the fact that Limbaugh has a business model that resists such terrorism. One of Rush’s original sponsors, Sleep Train, was not invited back after they hastily boycotted Rush and badmouthed him in a statement. Sleep Train was bought out by another mattress seller this week.

Perhaps most famously in this administration, Limbaugh made the often misinterpreted statement that “I hope he fails” in relation to Barack Obama. In many ways, Obama has succeeded in his goals. I wish he failed. Of the many problems burning out of control, the White House has decided that Ebola is the one they can handle and look good on. The strategy is political, use some old “you can’t catch it from a toilet seat” slogans from the AIDS epidemic (which still rages in Africa) and hoping that Ebola doesn’t spread as much in a country where personal space is 18 inches and no one touches a dead body.

So, I don’t hope the country fails. I don’t want us all to get Ebola just to be right. I do, however, prefer that if things are going to go wrong, they do so before the election. In 2012, the administration (and Candy Crowley) were able to keep the details of Benghazi from the light of day until after the election. Obamacare was pushed off until 2013. All the shit hit the fan right after the election and if more is going to drop, I would prefer it was in the next week so that Republicans can win some damn races and block the last two years of the agenda from the worst president in history. Obama’s ideas have already failed. It’s time for the rest to follow.

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The Sickest City in the World

October 23, 2014
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A doctor in New York City was under self-quarantine (we don’t know if the city health department knew about this) for Ebola and decided that a trip on the Metro and a night bowling fell within those guidelines. Now he has a 103 fever and confirmed with Ebola, which means he’s got a good chance of dying now.

Again, the R0 of Ebola is 2, compared to 3 for Influenza. Now, Thomas Eric Duncan infected his two people. The nurses he infected may not have spread it. However, this medical “professional” may have brought us right back to the 2 infected per carrier average.

Self-quarantine is a farce used to shut off valid criticism. If no one is sick, self-quarantine works, even if the patient decides to make out with a dozen people at a rave. If someone is infected, however, it becomes a license to kill. Remember Nancy Snyderman, a doctor working for NBC who was exposed to Ebola? She decided to grab some take-out while on self-imposed quarantine.

Quarantine cannot be self-imposed. You can’t even rely on self-imposed grounding and the stakes are a hell of a lot smaller. I may just start spraying everyone I meet with Clorox.

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October 22, 2014
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The common house fly is a disgusting insect that eats garbage and feces and regularly deposits its own microscopic waste all over. The most annoying thing about them, however, is when they seem to target you and land on you where you can feel their presence or hear their buzzing. Their droppings in your FDA-accepted food products is much more of a health concern, but we have sticky paper and bug “lights” to reduce their numbers. There’s even the fly swatter, a stick with a large flexible surface to crush and murder them for no particularly strong danger to us.

This may sound like a PETA essay, but it seems to mirror the Western world’s opinion about Islamic areas of the world. For centuries, Muslims were the bête noire of Europe and other parts of the world. They were eventually subjugated by more civilized nations but eventually regained power and influence, especially with the invention of oil-powered machines.

The modern world seems to both feel guilt about and underestimate the threat of the Muslim world. We accept that not all Muslims are terrorists, but a “Christian” terrorists is labeled as such because he went to a church, even if he didn’t use God as an excuse to kill. More and more, I also think that many in the international community consider fighting terrorism like swatting flies. It seems that it is unworthy to waste time taking out a threat that doesn’t affect us very much compared to say, the Weather Gods of Global Warming. Even if it is swatting flies, I think we need to swat them. We should also S.W.A.T. them. Flypaper and bug lights seem like overkill, but they reduce the insect population in your home and in your food. A beaten down enemy is the next best thing to a beaten enemy.

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