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Failure Has Failed

September 30, 2014
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One of the weirdest things I’ve seen this week is the hearing about the White House gate crasher who made it to the stairs to the private quarters. The head of the Secret Service was grilled by a Republican House over the failure to keep President Obama safe. Better yet, the administration were arguing that the potential murder of POTUS by an intruder was no big deal. I can only surmise that the Secret Service were told they are the personal body guards for the president and they can slack off guarding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when Obamas aren’t there.

The response to this debacle by the Secret Service is that they need more money to do better. If you’re already pissing away money, more money just gets pissed away faster. Maybe Obama should consider letting his protectors, soldiers and others actually use guns for self-defense, instead of having Eric Holder give them to drug lords across the border.


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