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September 27, 2014
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I happened upon the site Salon today and read the story titled “What happens when fracking takes over your town.” The “story” is an interview with a man making a documentary about Williston, North Dakota. The documentary itself if mostly about the effects from turning a small community into a boom town. Most of it is not about the various gripes about fracking itself, but it gives Salon the chance to link to more critical stories.

Eventually, I got to Vice where their headline is the more salacious “FRACKING GAVE ME GONORRHEA.” This story ends up being the woeful tale of what happens when a disproportionate number of men come to town to do manly jobs. Of course, it’s all bad, with crime being up, women being chatted up by desperate guys and even more desperate guys resorting to prostitutes and meth to get by.

This is an anti-capitalism argument against fracking with underlying social prejudice. Oil men and truck drivers are boorish brutes who will ruin a town rather than building it. Would these same liberal rags highlight the same problems in a town that was creating the next green energy wonder product? Oh wait, there’s never been a green energy wonder product.

The good news is that fracking is here, it’s real and the expected environmental catastrophes did not happen. Even better, there are so many jobs in North Dakota that they can’t build houses fast enough. It’s so bad for liberals that they are now using sexy misleading headlines to fight what’s good for America.


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