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It’s Only Terrorism if a Building Explodes

September 26, 2014
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Instead of the Army deeming Fort Hood workplace violence, the state of Oklahoma has now decided that workplace violence is when a Muslim convert decapitates a co-worker and tries to stab others to death. Bill Clinton used “terrorism” to describe blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City (by a group of about 3 people) and the Olympic Park bombing (which is now known to be a likely Al-Qaeda attack). At the same time, bin Laden was doing real damage to American interests overseas and largely ignored except for that aspirin factory bombing.

George W. Bush may be the only president since Reagan to understand who the real terrorists actually are. Until they join the Tea Party, Muslim-based terror is generally ignored. This is finally making Obama’s poll number fall, but nearly too late to have any real impact. White-washing an attack on US soil that mimics what could previously only be seen on the Internet will not help him.

Even more than being horrifying in its own right, the Moore attack took a chunk out of the bedrock of liberal ideology. First of all, the killer was a Black Muslim, two things Fox News and unbiased sources have been accused of over-accentuating in stories. The fact is that crime among African-Americans is a real problem. Also, Muslims, even in America, have a tendency to stay quiet on the criminally insane who practice Islam.

Then we learn that this maniac was stopped by a gun owner (who also had some law enforcement credentials). We are told time and time again that guns by themselves increase crime and violence. This time someone literally brought a knife to a gunfight with the effective result Second Amendment advocates would expect.

I guess it’s only terrorism if a building blows up.


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