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Get Low

September 24, 2014
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Reuters has Obama’s approval down at 35%, which pretty much proves that he is less popular than George W. Bush. While Obama rode high in the mid 70’s in the beginning of his administration, Bush made it to an amazing 90% approval. At that point only African-Americans and actual terrorists didn’t support Bush. I expect that about half of his support now comes from people who like that Obama is screwing with his detractors and being a petulant child. They approve of his incompetence rather than his competence. Obama has a never-ending supply of incompetence.

How does this affect midterms? For all the ground operations the Democrats run, the donor base that fuels them is starting to realize the futility of throwing money at a useless White House that is actually reducing chances for a Democrat majority in the Senate. If Republicans were to adopt and actual strategy of governance, they should just act like they are the majority. They need to stop funding a Justice Department and White House that ignores the law. They might even get back the Tea Party support they shunned earlier this year.


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