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The People’s Republic of Climate

September 22, 2014
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The environmental movement has all the earmarks of totalitarianism. There’s near religious devotion to the cause. History is re-written to support the current narrative. The leadership asks for sacrifices while exploiting the benefits of their position. People who disagree are vilified and threatened.

The “People’s Climate March” this weekend was completely predictable. Lear jet liberals decried the things that makes western civilization superior in between yacht trips and private air flights. People who supposedly act locally left a huge pile of post-rally trash in their wake. They rose awareness among themselves, then whined because they don’t have control over every part of government.

This is how Democrats get out their base. While stupid, this was not a pointless exercise. They are getting names and registrations and lists of people to badger into voting, either now or in 2016. This was a march for political climate change and the Republicans had better learn to counter it.


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