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Losing My Election

September 20, 2014
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I’ve decided that being optimistic ¬†about an election (2012) didn’t work, so I’ve decided to be pessimistic. For all intents and purposes, getting 51 seats in the Senate isn’t much more effective for Republicans than having 41 seats. If a simple majority tried to pass legislation, the Democrats would filibuster, regardless of the last six years of them bitching about it. The only thing 51 would do is give Republicans the moral authority to block funding, something the House has had the Constitutional authority to do since 2010.

Close polls, early voting, weakly enforced voter ID laws and Democrats with an effective NSA-style get out the vote database make it likely that they can keep the GOP under 48 members in the Senate. The Republicans go their real victory this year, keeping out as many Tea Party challenges as possible and emptying their war chests in the process.

When GW Bush suffered losses in 2006, he changed the Iraq War strategy to one that was very effective. If the Republicans in Congress change their tactics because of a loss this year, we’ll be better off than the same old plans with a slim Senate majority.


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