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I Hate My Job

September 19, 2014

This is my untraceable social media where I can write about things like the horrible company I work for that is getting worse by the day. There’s a certain amount of churn going on and I find myself with the potential for an extended career of drudgery and lack of advancement with the sympathy of my peers as the only consolation.

In almost a decade, I haven’t really hated my job, but the days I think that are becoming more frequent. This is, however, the first time I’ve really had a career crisis. It is entirely possible for me to put out resumes and get out of Dodge, with more money and possibly more respect.

The Obama era has created a new relationship between employees and work. Many people dropped out of the work force, finding ways to get Social Security or Disability early. Others have taken advantage of long-term unemployment insurance. Obamacare has encouraged an underclass of part-time employees who are considered “employed” by the labor department, but lack the 30 hours a week for their employer to pay for Obamacare taxes.

It’s probably for the best. My company is not going to hang around much longer the way they’re going.


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