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The World’s Losers

September 11, 2014
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Last night, a group calling itself “In Defense of Christians” welcomed Senator Ted Cruz on stage as part of their three-day conference. Cruz talked to this group of Middle Eastern Christians about the strong relationship between Christians in America and Israel and their common goals. After being booed and told to get off the stage when he countered that Christians had no greater friend than Israel, Cruz did just that. He told the room that if they could not stand with Israel, he could not stand with them.

Among the stupid things Obama did last night, the dumbest was trying to convince America that ISIS is not Islamic. He is actually trying to tell us what the definition of IS is. They may not fit Obama’s definition of Islam, but they consider themselves Muslims and they define their goals in terms of Islam. They are as Islamic as the groups Obama and other liberals consider Christian who blew up abortion clinics.

Modern global terrorism is not about the religious merits of Islam, but is entirely about the Muslim culture. The IDC who booed Ted Cruz off the stage are not Muslims, but their culture is one that has a generational hatred of Jews. Even before Europe looked down on Jews, the Middle East was kicking them around and trying to kill them off. Many leaders in the Middle East still practice political Islam, tacitly condoning terrorism that targets non-Muslims so that they can blame their citizens’ bad quality of life on someone else.

Dan Rather said it best when he called these terrorists and supporters “the world’s losers” the week after September 11, 2001. Most of the Middle East has shown an amazing ability not to advance in culture or technology in the last century, even with a staggering amount of revenue for pumping some previously useless black goo from the ground. The time to offer understanding and guidance is pretty much over. We may not be at war with the Middle East, but we haven’t been at peace with them for a long time.


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