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The NFL is Against Domestic Abuse

September 8, 2014
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I don’t follow football (or any sport) much and I don’t know anything about Ray Rice as a player or the Ravens as a team. What I know is that the NFL is getting tired of being criticized over players who commit domestic abuse and has decided to use outside behavior to determine players’ futures in the NFL. This is fair in the sense that professional NFL players get paid a lot of money to play football, but that money comes from fans and TV viewers. Any threat to that money is as important as the game itself, unless the players want to go onto the field for free.

The problem with the NFL now is that it is not looking for non-violent players, it is only looking for ones who won’t get arrested. Also, the people who are most aware of domestic violence among this group want to make this issue public, so the fewer incidents seen in the NFL means less publicity for them and the perception that domestic violence is on the wane, which it actually is. At least the NFL will get some neutral publicity out of it.


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