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Labor Days are Not the Same

September 7, 2014
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Last Sunday was the second year of the new, smaller and completely pre-recorded MDA “telethon” which is not necessarily a telethon anymore. Looking at the show in the years since Jerry Lewis was retired, the MDA has tried to make the show shorter, more modern and with bigger celebrities. It’s the Barack Obama of telethons and it is about as effective.

Donations have been on a downward trend, even after corporate donations were added to the total (kind of like the way part-time jobs are now considered employment by the administration). The acts on the program are more current, but they are also people seen every week on many other television stations. The MDA attempted a modern telethon, kind of like the way Obama tried to be hip with a Blackberry.

Telethons are hokey throwbacks to an earlier time. You either have to embrace them or give them up. It’s not impressive to get a big name musician when they can record their performance months in advance anywhere in the country. The acts I liked were those little-seen musical castsĀ and magicians who don’t usually get on TV. If you want modern, the YouTube-based Ice Bucket Challenge made more for ALS research than the MDA telethon did in the last year for all muscular diseases.

The Telethon has ended and everyone lost.


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