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Pretty Low Key for Two Months

September 6, 2014
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I think the GOP got what it wanted in a weakened Tea Party organization. They and certain allies used money and influence to keep the “wrong” candidates out of general elections in November. They also managed to help Democrats who had already taken the money out of Tea Party groups through the IRS, which apparently doesn’t use e-mail.

At least from what I see on MSNBC, Democrats are at least somewhat worried about a Republican majority in the Senate. Legally, a 51-49 Senate wouldn’t change much, but it would give Republicans a moral authority to block legislation in both houses. They would then only have to bear the onslaught of Obama’s public opinion machine, which they are generally bad at resisting.

Prognosticators like Nate Silver learned that the assortment of poorly polled races in off-year elections are notoriously hard to predict. In 2010, there was an overall mood that revealed that Democrats were going to have a bad year. Obama is having the bad year now and that may help to feed an incumbent slump. That may be all we’ve got, because there’s very little excitement on either side.


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