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Steven Sotloff

September 2, 2014
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Muslim terrorists have (possibly, but there’s little room for doubt) killed journalist Steven Sotloff. They also killed journalist James Foley after months of torture. Calling the perpetrators ISIS or ISIL or IS or AL-Qaeda or anything else is only an issue of branding. There is not a majority Muslim country on this planet that has declared war on Islamic terror, only the terror groups that are politically inconvenient for them.

Much of the world is in a state of what we in the engineering world call “analysis paralysis.” This administration is in the same place. Without a clear and easy answer with no casualties, we are doing nothing by default. Introducing less action reduces entropy. The problem is that it also makes the forces of evil more efficient, being able to spread their influence without resistance. Look at Putin.

A writer for the Christian Science Monitor ( I was forced to subscribe to this in college by a Democrat professor. It’s a pretty lousy publication) named Dan Murphy has written about how the United States shouldn’t be roused to action by the Sotloff killing. Although he has some anecdotes to argue the point, opinions are like assholes. Murphy’s does not smell any better than anyone else’s.

When he tweeted a more offensive abbreviation of his title on twitter, he predictably became offended by the people who pegged him as an asshole. He defended himself by talking about all the places he went. I have seen a lot of this lately. Writers and bloggers try to prove their bona fides in terms of geographical diversity, much like the Barack Obama story. I’m going to refer to these people as journalistic tourists, people who get their vacations expensed and return with 1500 words they could have written from the coffee shop. They are in no danger of being taken by Muslim terrorists.


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