Days of Change


September 1, 2014
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This weekend has seen the release of hundreds of private and not safe for work photos of various female celebrities on a number of websites. The best guess for the source is a hacker of some kind who got access to photos stored on Apple’s iCloud. While their service is secure and encrypted, an e-mail account and some password cracking is all that’s needed to access photos in high-demand to man’s more prurient interests.

I’ll forego my tirade about Apple’s ubiquity being the reason for this. I’ll point out that smartphones are about the least secure thing in the world and even “temporary” storage is not safe. My point tonight is that those people who wanted to dredge up the life of Sarah Palin accepted the same methods from another “hacker” who now flexes his digits in prison. He used the password reset function of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account to read her e-mails which were by and large uneventful. These photos were not.


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