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Failure Has Failed

September 30, 2014
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One of the weirdest things I’ve seen this week is the hearing about the White House gate crasher who made it to the stairs to the private quarters. The head of the Secret Service was grilled by a Republican House over the failure to keep President Obama safe. Better yet, the administration were arguing that the potential murder of POTUS by an intruder was no big deal. I can only surmise that the Secret Service were told they are the personal body guards for the president and they can slack off guarding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when Obamas aren’t there.

The response to this debacle by the Secret Service is that they need more money to do better. If you’re already pissing away money, more money just gets pissed away faster. Maybe Obama should consider letting his protectors, soldiers and others actually use guns for self-defense, instead of having Eric Holder give them to drug lords across the border.


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September 29, 2014
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Tonight I’m doing some backups to a new hard drive almost too late. My home network drive is getting flaky to the point of having major issues. For anyone who’s interested, Seagate sucks for network storage. I’m not sure how good or bad the hard drives themselves are.

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Nothing to See Here

September 28, 2014
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A police officer was shot in Ferguson, MO yesterday. This news was quickly dismissed as not having anything to do with the protests (and riots, since they were largely the same thing). Trying to convince everyone that a police department are a bunch of racists who will shoot unarmed Black people on sight would seem to be a provocative act. If I were a Black criminal, I might be inclined to shoot first and try to get away rather than being shot preemptively.

It’s also pretty ironic that ongoing protests did nothing to make people nervous when some of these same liberals were telling us that a District map on Sarah Palin’s website from months earlier was the cause of the Giffords shooting. But don’t worry and keep walking, there’s no hypocrisy here.

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Headlines are the News

September 27, 2014
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I happened upon the site Salon today and read the story titled “What happens when fracking takes over your town.” The “story” is an interview with a man making a documentary about Williston, North Dakota. The documentary itself if mostly about the effects from turning a small community into a boom town. Most of it is not about the various gripes about fracking itself, but it gives Salon the chance to link to more critical stories.

Eventually, I got to Vice where their headline is the more salacious “FRACKING GAVE ME GONORRHEA.” This story ends up being the woeful tale of what happens when a disproportionate number of men come to town to do manly jobs. Of course, it’s all bad, with crime being up, women being chatted up by desperate guys and even more desperate guys resorting to prostitutes and meth to get by.

This is an anti-capitalism argument against fracking with underlying social prejudice. Oil men and truck drivers are boorish brutes who will ruin a town rather than building it. Would these same liberal rags highlight the same problems in a town that was creating the next green energy wonder product? Oh wait, there’s never been a green energy wonder product.

The good news is that fracking is here, it’s real and the expected environmental catastrophes did not happen. Even better, there are so many jobs in North Dakota that they can’t build houses fast enough. It’s so bad for liberals that they are now using sexy misleading headlines to fight what’s good for America.

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It’s Only Terrorism if a Building Explodes

September 26, 2014
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Instead of the Army deeming Fort Hood workplace violence, the state of Oklahoma has now decided that workplace violence is when a Muslim convert decapitates a co-worker and tries to stab others to death. Bill Clinton used “terrorism” to describe blowing up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City (by a group of about 3 people) and the Olympic Park bombing (which is now known to be a likely Al-Qaeda attack). At the same time, bin Laden was doing real damage to American interests overseas and largely ignored except for that aspirin factory bombing.

George W. Bush may be the only president since Reagan to understand who the real terrorists actually are. Until they join the Tea Party, Muslim-based terror is generally ignored. This is finally making Obama’s poll number fall, but nearly too late to have any real impact. White-washing an attack on US soil that mimics what could previously only be seen on the Internet will not help him.

Even more than being horrifying in its own right, the Moore attack took a chunk out of the bedrock of liberal ideology. First of all, the killer was a Black Muslim, two things Fox News and unbiased sources have been accused of over-accentuating in stories. The fact is that crime among African-Americans is a real problem. Also, Muslims, even in America, have a tendency to stay quiet on the criminally insane who practice Islam.

Then we learn that this maniac was stopped by a gun owner (who also had some law enforcement credentials). We are told time and time again that guns by themselves increase crime and violence. This time someone literally brought a knife to a gunfight with the effective result Second Amendment advocates would expect.

I guess it’s only terrorism if a building blows up.

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Department of Injustice

September 25, 2014
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There are any number of theories as to why Eric Holder is resigning from his post as Attorney General. None of them is because he realized he is horrible at his job and has actually encouraged crime and lawlessness. He’s doing it in very Eric Holder fashion as well, staying on until a successor is confirmed. That means Republicans won’t be rid of him until a worse and less tired Obama hand-picked successor replaces him.

I say the Republicans should go the other way. Start impeachment hearings on him. Refuse to let him leave until he accepts his ouster for high crimes.

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Get Low

September 24, 2014
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Reuters has Obama’s approval down at 35%, which pretty much proves that he is less popular than George W. Bush. While Obama rode high in the mid 70’s in the beginning of his administration, Bush made it to an amazing 90% approval. At that point only African-Americans and actual terrorists didn’t support Bush. I expect that about half of his support now comes from people who like that Obama is screwing with his detractors and being a petulant child. They approve of his incompetence rather than his competence. Obama has a never-ending supply of incompetence.

How does this affect midterms? For all the ground operations the Democrats run, the donor base that fuels them is starting to realize the futility of throwing money at a useless White House that is actually reducing chances for a Democrat majority in the Senate. If Republicans were to adopt and actual strategy of governance, they should just act like they are the majority. They need to stop funding a Justice Department and White House that ignores the law. They might even get back the Tea Party support they shunned earlier this year.

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Undercover Hero

September 23, 2014
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Gird your loins.

The bombings in Syria 6 weeks from the Election are now being played off as an act of prevention by the military and the White House of an Al-Qaeda splinter group planning imminent attacks on the US and Western interests. In other words, Obama attacked the varsity team and not the group he called JV right before they beheaded Americans.

This really is wag the dog time. Yet again, the administration is using unverifiable claims to circumvent the law, aided by a compliant media and a Republican Congress that wants a smoking gun before it will invest any political capital. As much as I hate to reward the GOP with more political capital, we can see what happens when they don’t get it. At least the media won’t shill for them.

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The People’s Republic of Climate

September 22, 2014
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The environmental movement has all the earmarks of totalitarianism. There’s near religious devotion to the cause. History is re-written to support the current narrative. The leadership asks for sacrifices while exploiting the benefits of their position. People who disagree are vilified and threatened.

The “People’s Climate March” this weekend was completely predictable. Lear jet liberals decried the things that makes western civilization superior in between yacht trips and private air flights. People who supposedly act locally left a huge pile of post-rally trash in their wake. They rose awareness among themselves, then whined because they don’t have control over every part of government.

This is how Democrats get out their base. While stupid, this was not a pointless exercise. They are getting names and registrations and lists of people to badger into voting, either now or in 2016. This was a march for political climate change and the Republicans had better learn to counter it.

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The History of History

September 21, 2014

It’s kind of sad that people look at history like flashcards. They associate events as dates and sequences of events. We know when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but do we know he failed in his stated mission? Do we know about his subsequent voyages or how his Christian faith drove him? His given name, Cristoforo, means Christ-bearer.

Do we know what life was like 50 years ago that didn’t involve a Madison Avenue advertising agency? How about 100 or 200 years ago? A decade ago, PBS had a stable of reality shows exploiting the meager realities of living in the past. The participants had to deal with it for all of 10 weeks.

I find myself thinking about the past lately. In the quest to make things faster, thinner and smarter, we seem to have stopped looking for the meaning of life. In the past, life meant survival. It could mean more now, but it seems to mean less.

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