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Is Romney Running for the Nomination Again? | August 31, 2014

What I took away from 2012 is that I am more or less correct that Mitt Romney is not the kind of Republican that disgruntled voters picked in 2010. I also learned that I can put aside that reservation and support him as the Republican nominee. This is important. Liberals who supported Nader in 2000 may have tipped the balance toward Bush, especially after the suspicious voting, media manipulation and October surprise of a drunk driving ticket. I won’t eat everything the GOP puts on my plate, but I’ll pick a garden salad over lukewarm potato salad.

My objections to Romney are rooted firmly in his inability to win. My analysis is that his personal advisers along with the moronic jackals who’ve run most Republicans since the late 70’s are going to keep him on a message that is guaranteed to dishearten his base. Republicans can win with fired up Republicans and an increasing number of Independents. Trying to win Democrats is high risk for little benefit.

Now that has been writing about Romney sounding tough on things again, I am concerned that advisers are again telling him to say things the right-wing nuts in flyover country will like to secure the nomination. This strategy was not that effective in 2012. Most of his support came from the lack of any other long-term front-runner. It got worse in the fall when he ran away from conservative principles and alienated possible voters.

I would support Mitt Romney in just about any cabinet position, even as Vice President. Let’s not kid ourselves, however. Romney is no Ronald Reagan. The third time won’t be the charm.

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  1. I’ll pick a garden salad over lukewarm potato salad
    The third time won’t be the charm.

    I think you’re right. And the sick part isf that he’ll lose to that self-described “moderate progressive,” Hillary the Belle of Benghazi Clinton–or some other leftist, Muslim-loving trash.

    The political pendulum is overdue for a big rightward swing. Judinh fom heir persecution of the Tea Party candidates, I fear that the Repub. good old boys who choose the nominee will not acknowledge that or even care to gauge the public’s mood. Their egos and self-interest will bury us.

    Comment by Mary — September 1, 2014 @ 12:36 am

  2. The way things are going, I can hardly keep up enough hope that we’ll even have another election.

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — September 1, 2014 @ 10:23 am

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