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The Technological Leap

August 30, 2014
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I just read another post where someone complained about their Smart /i Phone not relaying their intended text. There are websites devoted to the phenomenon of a phone’s interpretation of what you type. While the Supreme Court has ruled that a phone is a computer, it’s still not there for everyone.

The “kids” today have been exposed to phones and tablets much earlier and use them for the apps and mobile friendly content available. They don’t do the same things on them. I’ve only been using a laptop for the last few years and it sits on my desk with 7 cables coming out of it. If I were really an integrated laptop user, it would be more like 2.

Microsoft offers a Surface tablet with a USB port and a Display Port connector. You could use it as a tablet with or without a keyboard. You could also set it on your desk, plug power and a monitor into it and use a USB hub for a mouse and keyboard. You’ve basically re-created a computer. It’s what I do with my laptop at home and my Windows tablet at work. I haven’t made the transition.

I do have an idea of what a “computer” may be like in the future. Homes will have a box where data will come in and be stored. It will be accessed by something between a big phone and a small tablet, kind of like the pads from the 1990’s versions of Star Trek. Typing may be replaced by voice.

Whatever happens, older people will create it and younger people will access its potential. I’m comfortable using my smart phone as a smart toy because I know my limits.


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