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Always Assume Petty Motives | August 29, 2014

My current guess as to why Obama and his minions call ISIS “ISIL” is because it complicates sound bites. The administration is forced to answer questions about ISIS, but by calling it ISIL the media has to put in the obligatory sentences about how ISIL is ISIS and the translation has to do with different Middle East territories and the average Obama voter’s eyes have glazed over and they forgot what they were reading.

In other words, Obama is doing it because he’s a dick.


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  1. obama certainly is a dick, but please read this comment I just left at McNorman’s site r:e report that ISIS attack on US via Mexico is imminent.

    obama supports ISIS go’al of establishing a caliphate, and he thinks he’ll be the caliph. God knows what positions in is realm he’s promsed Pelosi, Reid, Roberts, and, I very much fear, Boehner.

    Comment by Mary — August 30, 2014 @ 12:01 am

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