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That Last 10 Pounds of Outrage

August 28, 2014
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The grievance industry is one of the forces in society that promises to make things better by making people miserable. I have seen a few stories of note in the last few weeks. There’s feminist outrage over a sight gad at the Emmys. There are the constant stories about global warming and how stupid the “deniers” are. Then there is the sad case in Ferguson, where the shooting of a teenager by police is assumed to be a case of a cop gone too far despite growing evidence to the contrary.

Feminism, environmentalists and those seeking racial equality are the victims of their own success. Their achievements over decades has been extraordinary. People are aware of the goals and the mistakes of the past. The job is mostly done. For some, however, the last remnants of  what are seen as problems are like losing those last 10 stubborn pounds. They have been reduced to vanity topics that have little to know real impact, and try to give them weight by complaining more.

At one time, the “environmental movement” was an anti-pollution crusade. Highly toxic chemical by-products were released into the air, water and land. It took years and billions of dollars to clean them up and years of government regulation from stopping it from happening again. We have a clean country. The holdouts are now trying to convince us that a gas that is clear and non-toxic is creating a complex chain reaction that will eventually make the planet unlivable using mostly computer modeling and little direct observation.

Civil rights was about ending laws that discriminated against Blacks and other races as well as taking power away from racist local governments. When many of those barriers were lifted, the government even created affirmative action to bolster the numbers of minorities in hiring and employment. Cases of criminal racism are limited to individuals either breaking the law or trying to skirt it.

Feminism sought equal rights of opportunity for women. Government eventually gave them the right to vote, allowed medical processes like birth-control and abortion to become legal and also employed affirmative action and pay equity laws. Many new cases of being anti-woman are due to either criminal individuals or the perception of women not having equal opportunities even if women don’t have interest in equal numbers to men.

In recent years, the bad actions of a small number of people and organizations have been extrapolated to being part of society as a whole. If there is one polluter, one rapist or one racist cop, it is a matter for law enforcement. If it is deemed the fault of society or a micro-aggression, the grievance industry demands government act to change society. At one time, these groups won hearts and minds. Now they want the government to control those hearts and minds instead.


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