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Bitching About Obama

August 25, 2014
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I think we’ve all reasonably reached the point where we can say Barack Obama is responsible for most of the world’s problems. The solution is not to impeach or to somehow convince the idiots who voted for him to demand his ouster. The only scenario now is to get the Republicans a majority in the Senate so they will decide they are the big boys again and stop some of Obama’s crap.

This is not an ideal solution. John Boehner has decided to let the Supreme Court fight his battles rather than risk another so-called shutdown with a budget battle. Conservatives have filled the void with non-stop bitching about how bad Obama is. What do you plan on doing about it? There’s an election in about 9 weeks and n one seems to notice.

Boehner and McConnell are not the best leadership in history, but they don’t like Obama’s imperial presidency. I trust them to shut down Obama, even if it’s only out of spite. This is really the last chance to do something before we really see what a reckless lame duck presidency is like.


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