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The Danger Zone

August 19, 2014
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The two “journalists” who were removed by police for turning a McDonalds into their flophouse have been rightfully mocked for their whiny hipster response to being arrested and released. Big city liberals probably expect a police force cowed like the one Bill DeBlasio has tortured in New York City. Even though they are suspect, the constant rioting has forced the cops to make sure stupid reporters don’t get themselves shot or beaten down. Regardless of how shaken they’ve been, no reporter has been in any physical danger while their rights were supposedly infringed.

The same cannot be said for James Foley, the photojournalist captured in Iraq in 2012. Former Al-Qaeda faction ISIS beheaded Foley in an attempt to threaten America into ending bombing strikes intended to keep ISIS from killing other people. The journalists who go into war zones know that whining is the refuge of the safe and secure. The journalists overseas who have been killed in the name of terrorism have faced death with an amazing amount of dignity. The bloggers in Ferguson need to find a Starbucks and shut up.


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