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August 17, 2014
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NBC has again decided to switch horses at their long-running Sunday morning political show Meet the Press. David Gregory’s two decades at the network have essentially ended with his perceived failure at Meet the Press. Chris Matthews, the other bloated Irishman after Tim Russert. will most likely never get the gig. NBC ended his syndicated show which went from being my favorite round table program to an all-you-can-eat Obama ass kissing festival.

Chuck Todd will be the next sacrifice to the NBC news gods. He has been a fixture on MSNBC and yet another White male with a show on the network that celebrates diversity by claiming Fox News has none. Todd is relatively young, bland and boring and only somewhat liberal on-air. Unfortunately, Sunday morning news interview shows are something of a dinosaur and a few Twitter posts or an app won’t fix it.

Some people think Sunday news programs ended with Tim Russert. I think they ended with David Brinkley. When he retired from ABC’s show, they never got the magic back. Interviews are controlled indirectly from the White House and the round table panel rotates through a bunch of party hacks and liberal columnists. It turns out I have better ways to spend my time.


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