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August 14, 2014
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Ferguson, Missouri is turning out to be a place where the race industry is having trouble going with a single narrative. A young Black man was shot to death by a police officer. Although we don’t know the identity of the officer, the assumption is that he is White. Even if he isn’t, it is still racism because it seems everything bad that happens to Black people is racism. has been publishing stories about how this incident has not taken the same form as the Trayvon Martin shooting. Al Sharpton rolled into town, but he is talking about restraint. He wants the rioting to stop until they can put together a narrative of whom to blame. One of the things that did dull the fiery speeches of race hustlers is the fact that Ferguson went into a vandalism and theft based riot almost immediately.

Conservatives have also helped to change the situation by not automatically siding with the police. Police departments have gotten more political over the years, supporting any liberal policy that increases their budget and trying to get guns away from citizens. Some on the right are tired of police state tactics and are tired of being scapegoats for racial animus by supporting a group who doesn’t always support conservative goals.

The media has also gotten push back. Two reporters who were arrested for loitering at a McDonalds as if it were a remote office ended up being mocked instead of lauded for their whiny, calling mommy and daddy response to being rousted like the squatters they were. The fact that this situation is such a mess may actually lead to real results, like legal investigations and actual reporting.

It has to happen at least once in a while.


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