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Another Reason Not to Like Libertarians

August 9, 2014
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Adam Carolla is radio personality, a television host an author and an entrepreneur. I saw him back when he was hosting MTV’s version of Loveline and on Comedy Central’s “The Man Show.” Most recently, he has become known for his decidedly free market views. He’s a frequent guest on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Much of his time is devoted to his business, a podcast that actually seems to make money. It also led to a lawsuit by patent trolls claiming they have the copyright to the concept of podcasting.

I like Carolla. He escaped his liberal soul-sucking family life by rebelling and becoming as normal of an all-American kid as possible. He’s outspoken and he mostly wants to keep government from growing into a soul-sucking monster. However, I don’t much care for the company (or what his company) keeps.

Carolla Digital has recently added Jesse Ventura to his lineup of podcasters. Ventura is also a man of many professions, including governor of Minnesota. He was the only politician to ride the wave of the Ross Perot Independence Party. Whatever happened after turned him into an anti-government nut. He grabbed more attention this week by winning a lawsuit against a man who had died before the end of the lawsuit. There’s even more stuff that makes him an idiot.

I just wish Carolla wasn’t so open to ideas that he can’t look at Ventura as a terrible person regardless of political views (which are also awful).


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