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It’s Just Ebola | August 8, 2014

The height of Ebola fever was probably after the release of the movie “Outbreak” in 1995. This was preceded by the TV movie version of “The Stand,” a Stephen King story about a global pandemic. A few months after Outbreak was the movie Robin Cook’s ‘Virus’ about a man-made Ebola outbreak. The original title for the book Robin Cook wrote was “Outbreak.”

Sometime after the Ebola craze in TV and movies, the subject became less scary. There were disturbing stories of labs in the United States working with Ebola strains under Level 4 containment. Still, outbreaks were limited to villages in Africa that would appear, kills people and then burn out. By 2001, we had bigger fish to fry in the form of global terror.

The National Journal has an article listing 4 reasons why the current Ebola outbreak is different. For the most part, there are not enough international resources to deal with an epidemic in a place that has not seen it before. Africa is not a single country and West Africa is completely different from the Central African nations that have been affected in the past. There are essentially relief workers with medical degrees doing most of the patient care because WHO does not have the resources. That lack of response and societal differences have allowed Ebola to spread to cities.

In a sense, most medical professionals are discounting the planet ending potential by claiming it is just Ebola and the disease is somehow hard to catch and easy to treat. This is basically what was said about AIDS, which is still an expensive epidemic. While there are more dangerous diseases like the plague, Ebola is increasingly infectious over a two-week period before someone comes down with severe symptoms. Polio and Smallpox eventually became easy to treat, but not until they ravaged America. We have to give threats their due. When we don’t, domestic terrorists are more feared than Islamic ones and we end up paying the price.


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  1. As Michael Savage said, obama inviting Ebola victims here is “madness.”

    First tank America’s medical care system, then make Americans deathly ill: sounds like a plan to me.

    Comment by Mary — August 9, 2014 @ 11:51 pm

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