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On the Lighter Side

August 7, 2014
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Over five years ago, a Burger King franchise group in Singapore released a controversial ad for a long sandwich. Proving that outrage is always served fresh, a “model” who goes by the name Kitty Cockroach claims to be the woman in the Asian print ad and that her likeness was used without her legal consent (and supposedly any remuneration). She’s using the provocative hashtags of #facerape and #boycottbk which hasn’t really budged her past 115 followers on Twitter. Watch the video for yourself.

As a matter of law, an image or likeness has to licensed or in the public domain. Singapore copyright law is not my specialty. For all I know, internet images are in the public domain for them. Burger King could have done themselves a favor five years ago by condemning the ad at the corporate level, rather than saying it was a limited time ad with positive sales. Boycotting Burger King now will certainly not change an ad from five years ago. It may help Miss Cockroach in whatever the hell her career is.

I think I’ll get a Whopper meal tomorrow.



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