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Guardians of America | August 6, 2014

I went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy” today and loved it. I think it was a departure from the other movies in the Marvel universe. It was more of a story of people and not things and it was a real space adventure. But hey, this blog is politics, so let’s get to the plot points.

The villain who was introduced but not heavily involved was Thanos, who is so bad that Marvel is saving him for the next Avengers movie. Instead, we have Ronan, who is described a lot as a religious fanatic. If you scratch the surface, however, it only seems to fit one religion and for once, it’s not Christianity.

Ronan the Accuser comes from a race that has just signed a peace treaty with the planet Xandar. The government is uninterested in condemning Ronan who is amassing an army to destroy Xandar. He claims that he will not forget centuries of war and that the entire planet is guilty and must be cleansed.

So it turns out that this movie made over a year ago is incredibly relevant to the current conflict between an advanced peaceful society and one terrorist group that the opposing society keeps at arm’s length but refuses to completely disavow. You have to wonder if the average anti-Israel movie goer saw this and rooted against Ronan, if they would understand why they need to rethink their real world beliefs as well.



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  1. would [they] understand why they need to rethink their real world beliefs as well.

    No. that isn’t how haters think.

    Comment by Mary — August 6, 2014 @ 11:34 pm

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