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Is the Tea Party Dead or Just Tired?

August 5, 2014
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The Tea Party is the blanket term for small-government conservatives who are bucking the trend of GOP leadership trying to spend money on their pet projects instead of Democratic ones, even though it’s all maxing the same credit card. Many of these people are not Republicans, some are even Democrats who found the party left them by installing Barack Obama as the Democratic Party nominee.

Still, even if you are some liberal smart ass who says all Tea Party people are old White (and probably racist ) people, there is something important about this group. One of the arguments against the Tea Party is that they had little effect on the 2012 Election because more Americans come out to vote in the four-year cycle and they represent the real mood of the country. The only real problem with that is Obama lost a significant number of voters in that election compared to 2008, Mitt Romney actively distanced himself from the Tea Party and the IRS was in the midst of blocking all fundraising by non GOP approved groups.

Now we see a number of Republican primaries staying with incumbents despite a few big wins by challengers early on. The establishment and their rich supporters see this as the Tea Party being nearly dead. I see it as them being merely tired. They are tired of the Republican party.

Congress flipped in 2006 due to waning support for the Bush Administration. The old White people were not voting for Democrats. They were simply staying home. The Republican Party had the sheep they wanted. Few were criticizing Bush and dissent was not tolerated. Members who came in 1995 promising to limit their own terms decided a second decade in office was a good thing for them. The then-unnamed Tea Party felt otherwise.

Republicans are winning primaries at their own peril. They may get lucky because of growing disdain for Barack Obama, but Democrats know that pouring money into a few key Senate races will keep their majority, maintaining the current stalemate where Obama does what he wants and the GOP won’t block the budget to stop him. One political organization may decline from this and I don’t think it’s the Tea Party.


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