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I Might Sign Up for a FEMA Camp

August 2, 2014

It seems like this administration is using old-school biological warfare on the American people.

In the days before real biological weapons, invading powers would (intentionally or otherwise) create bio-hazards by their very presence. Someone from a large ecosystem with multiple contagions can pass those diseases onto the residents of a smaller ecosystem and incapacitate them. This week, we see that medical “experts” have decided that they will fly in two Americans infected with Ebola so they can be treated in their home country. This is bullshit. What the Atlanta CDC and Emory University want is credit and praise for curing Ebola. The first victim is apparently so sick, he walked in under his own power. It would seem to me that he could have just stayed in Africa instead of dealing with a long flight and hours in a plastic tent. Now, when he walks out without a mask, Atlanta doctors can make a big deal out of it and market the Ebola vaccine they think they can get through testing.

This is nothing compared to the walking Petri dishes crossing the Southern border. It is clear that only the obviously sick are being screened at all and any number of illegal trespassers are being deployed across the country in the least containable way possible. Not only that, but the administration is making sure they go to Republican-leaning states first.

Now I wonder if the much talked about FEMA camps are for the criminals or the people who survive the first outbreak. Maybe we will be penned in like the Japanese were by Democrat hero FDR during World War 2. Maybe the camps are for the 1% who get the ultimate privilege of life itself when the shit hits the fan. Maybe I want to get away from the idiots who voted Obama in 2012.


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