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Border Control | July 21, 2014

Texas governor Rick Perry announced that the National Guard will be doing something surprising by guarding the southern border with Mexico. 1,000 people will act mostly as a presence, as they cannot completely usurp the authority of the federal border patrol. They can, however, detain, process and collect information on border jumpers before turning them over. The unwritten reality is that while there are a greater number of children in the mix, more adults of unknown histories are coming over than ever as well.

This is a partial solution at best, but it does indicate that Republican states will not simply put up with unilateral federal action. It should also be a sign to the House Republicans that they are playing with fire by pushing immigration reform and slave labor guest worker programs ahead of border security.

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  1. slave labor guest worker programs

    Funny how we never hear the msm say that one of the biggest supporters of illegals is Harry Reid, Senator from the state supported by tourism, which requires waiters, busboys, chamber maids, and other menials who do work for peon wages that Ameicans won’t.

    Comment by Mary — July 21, 2014 @ 10:46 pm

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