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IMproving PEACHes for MEN Today | July 9, 2014

It seems even Fox News’ graphics department is squeamish about creating Impeachment banners. Red Eye’s solution was to create a segment called IMPROVING PEACHES FOR MEN TODAY with strategically highlighted letters. Red Eye has been satirizing the left’s claims that Fox is trying to take down President Obama by Greg Gutfeld’s constant suggestions that everything the president does is worthy of impeachment.

What’s interesting now is that the term impeachment is getting more exposure. I think Sarah Palin’s recent talk of presidential impeachment is not intended to give the House the notion of an impeachment hearing, but to give light to the idea that Obama has actually committed impeachable offenses.

The Democrats knew that Impeachment was off the table for George W. Bush, even when they gained the House and Senate. They could hold a hearing and possibly get a majority vote, but it would take 2/3 to convict him and expel him from office, something that was impossible. They didn’t even have the moral authority to stop Bush’s plan in Iraq, especially when he fired Donald Rumsfeld the day after GOP losses in Congress. Clinton’s impeachment in the House only emboldened the president because he loved to play Chicken and win.

Much like with Bush, a public debate about what Obama could be impeached over is something that can only be bad for the White House. There is a laundry list of bad actions, lies, misrepresentations, stonewalling, incompetence, graft and malice for a half decade. The fact that no one scandal has destroyed this administration is due to a compliant media and a level of overload that reminds me of a Simpsons episode (S11 E12) where Mr. Burns learns he has so many diseases fighting each other than no singe one of them can get the chance to kill him.

Obama’s ability to do new damage is almost nil. His ability to create new damage from old actions is going strong and his opposition needs to strike now while his leadership, if not his office, is impeachable.


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  1. Obama’s ability to do new damage is almost nil.

    Except for importing thousands of illegal, disease-carrying minors; and, intentionlly encouraging terrorists in the Middle East; and, lyining abou his Scandal-of-the-Week administration; and, flouting the Constitution, aka the law of our land; and, demonizing the Right; and, ……. (fill in the blank), what new damage could he do?

    Poisonous snakes can always cause new harm.
    Greg Gutfield, 2016!

    Comment by Mary — July 10, 2014 @ 11:09 pm

    • That’s all the aftermath of the things set into motion 4 or more years ago. It’s also the kinds of things the Republicans should have been using the power of the purse to stop last year.

      Comment by 1539days — July 11, 2014 @ 12:09 am

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