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Border Crossing | July 3, 2014

Barack Obama and the Democrats who puppet him have won most of their battles through attrition.

For nearly 20 years, illegal alien border crossings, guest worker programs, and border security have been rolled into a single category known as “immigration reform.” The theory is that all of it is so complex that instead of taking it on in stages, we should write some bloated omnibus package to cover all of it at the same time. Clinton tried to start the process through NAFTA. Bush was stalled by the fact that much of his party wasn’t keen on the process.

Obama, however, has created a system of natural selection where the good hiders don’t get caught by INS and the bad ones learn to get better at it every time they are taken back across the border. The people down south trying to get to the US know that whatever happens, the best way to stay in the country is to be in the country when the law passes. The lack of border enforcement of any teeth has turned the border into an amusement park where kids are welcome.

Even though the poll results of 2010 show otherwise, some Republicans thing they are doomed unless they make massive concessions to anyone Hispanic, regardless if they are legal or illegal. Obama owns the current crisis, but Republicans have been on the sidelines for too long. If you try to pass something for 14 years and your “base” is fighting you, maybe you should consider listening to them.


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  1. Obama owns the current crisis

    Of coure he does. He created it.
    And yes, the Repubs have allowed him to bully them with poor, homeles children–how Dickensian. Now the Repubs become Scrooge.

    Maybe instead of a third party, we need a Fepub with PR savvy.

    Comment by Mary — July 4, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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